Striving for innovation, accessibility, and practical application of communication principles.

Hello! My name is Leslie and I teach Communication Studies (COMM) courses in the Arts, Humanities, and Communications Division at Modesto Junior College. Learn more about me or email me.

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Taking COMM 100 with me?

One of our projects in the Public Speaking class is to create an effective slideshow to support your Persuasive Speech.  Haven't created a slideshow before or find your skills a bit rusty?  

Consider concurrently enrolling in the self-paced one-unit MJC course OFADM 262: Introduction to Business Presentation Software.  This class will help you get up-to-speed on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Classes I'm Teaching:

  Spring 2017

  Summer 2017

  Fall 2017

  • COMM 104 Online

Classes I'm Anticipating:

  Spring 2018

Looking for Your Textbook?

I believe that a quality education can (and should) be affordable, so I use low-cost learning resources in my classes. 

COMM 100

COMM 102

  • I'm reviewing low-cost textbook options now.  Have a recommendation?  Email me.

COMM 104

COMM 133

  • All readings are free and are embedded in your weekly online modules.