2018-2019 Catalog Description

Principles of mediated (technology-enhanced) communication in personal and professional relationships. Explores the history, evolution, and utilization of technology in human interaction. Emphasis on the ways in which technology affects selfconcept, perception, verbal and nonverbal communication, and emotions in human communication. Field trips are not required. (A-F or P/NP) Not repeatable.

  • Recommended for Success: Before enrolling in this course, students are strongly advised to satisfactorily complete ENGL 50.
  • Transfer:(CSU)
  • MJC General Education: (MJC-GE: D2) 
  • Communication Studies Program:
    • AA-T: List C Option
    • AA: Elective Courses Option

What to Expect

COMM 133 is a fully-online class that helps you communicate effectively through technology in both your personal and professional lives.  The online format of the course allows you to complete your classwork at a time which is most convenient for you.  The content of the class is divided up into weekly themed modules which take the average student around 10 hours to complete with a passing grade.  

Typical Assignments

  • Weekly Quizzes and Surveys
  • Weekly Discussion Boards (Video and/or Text)
  • Research Projects
  • Collaborative Group Website Project
  • LinkedIn Portfolio Project
  • Video Interview Project
  • Online Resume Assignment
  • Peer Feedback Activities

Current Textbook

There is no textbook for this course.  All learning resources are free, open-source, and are embedded in your weekly learning modules.