Introduction to Human Communication (COMM 102) F2F

This course is taught in a face-to-face classroom format and enhanced through Blackboard (MJC's learning management system).  A few assignments must be completed through Blackboard, but most assignments are completed and/or submitted in the face-to-face classroom.  To supplement learning, I include many useful handouts on Blackboard that you can't find anywhere else (exam study guides, outline examples, canceled class announcements, etc.).

MJC 2013-2014 Catalog Description

The study of human communication including verbal, nonverbal and listening skills. Effective oral participation in interpersonal contexts, group discussions, and individual presentations in public settings.

  • 3 Units
  • 54 Lecture Hours
  • Transfer: CSU, UC (CC SPCOM 4)
  • General Education: (MJC-GE:D2) (CSU-GE: A1) (IGETC: 1C)

Typical Responsibilities

  • Presenting Impromptu Speeches
  • Presenting a Demonstration Speech
  • Presenting a Persuasive Speech
  • Coordinating and Leading a Group Team-Building Leadership Activity
  • Writing Speaking and Formal Outlines
  • Completing Peer Evaluations (Speech, Source, and Outline)
  • Attending and Evaluating a Speaker at MJC's Speech Night (fall & spring semesters)
  • Comprehensive Multiple-Choice Exams

Most Recent Textbook

Cheryl M. Hamilton & Bonnie Creel. (2010). Communicating for Success (1st Edition). Publisher: Pearson, Allyn, & Bacon.  MyCommunicationLab is NOT required for this class.