Fundamentals of Public Speaking (COMM 100) HYBRID

MJC 2018-2019 Catalog Description

Developing individual effectiveness in various speech activities, emphasis on public
speaking; instruction and practice in selection, organization and presentation of materials.
Development of self-confidence and listening skills. Field trips are not required. Not
repeatable. (A-F or P/NP)

  • 3 units
  • 54 lecture hours 
  • Transfer: (CSU, UC) (CC SPCOM 1) (C-ID: COMM 110)
  • General Education: (MJC-GE: D2)(CSU-GE: A1)(IGETC: 1C)
  • Communication Studies Program:
    • Certificate: Oral Communication Area Option
    • AA-T: Required Core Class
    • AA: Required Course Option

Distance Education Advisory

I teach COMM 100 in a hybrid format to help meet the needs of students with complicated schedules.  For this class, we meet less on campus than a traditional f2f class but we do more work online.  Students who are successful in this hybrid version of the class easily learn new technology and are self-motivated, organized, and good independent problem solvers.  Hybrid classes do not meet every students' needs so you should carefully consider your abilities and your learning style before enrolling in this class.

Typical Responsibilities

  • Reading Textbook & Online Materials
  • Viewing Online Videos
  • Presenting Impromptu Speeches
  • Presenting an Informative Speech
  • Presenting a Persuasive Speech
  • Writing Speech Planning Documents & Outlines
  • Completing Peer Evaluations (Speech, Source, and Outline)
  • Attending and Evaluating a Speaker at MJC's Speech Night (fall & spring semesters)
  • Actively Participating in Group Discussions and Activities
  • Completing Online Exams

Current Textbook

We use the free, open-source online textbook Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking